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Behind The Heat { Yoga }

Behind The Heat  

Apparently there are other effects that can occur with this particular feature incorporated into the sessions of yoga. It is interesting to note that though yoga is a very gentle and slow moving art form, the individual can complete the session not only feeling rejuvenated but also a little sweaty.   
Therefore when the hot yoga style is practiced there is also the aim in mind to really sweat out the unwanted negativ

elements of the body. None of those who use this style find the excessive perspiration an unpleasant byproduct, in fact most welcome it.  
Hot yoga is a set series of yoga poses specifically designed to be carried out in a hot or heated room. In most cases the temperature of the environment where the hot yoga is done is kept at about 95 – 100 degrees.   
By mere virtue of the temperature alone the level of perspiration is quite high, coupled with the yoga exercises, the body is able to harness and emit a different level of warmth which in turn is purported to make the individual’s body more supple and flexible.  
The following are some of the benefits derived from the hot yoga style:  
The body’s ability to burn fat is heightened  
The fluidity of the joints, muscles, ligaments and other supporting structures of the body are enhanced. 
Tissues and muscles are more effectively oxygenated because the capillaries better dilate with the heated surroundings.  
Peripheral circulation improves due to the enhancement of sweating.